2006 - 2011:

SECTION U3 NORTH3, Moosach, Germany


Crossing station of German Rail with subway line U3 including a subterranean two story car park and storage sidings




Scope of Construction:



Upfront a sewer was deviated out of the area of the underground car park by means of 86m of pipe jacking (DIN 1200) under the Station of German Rail. 


The substructure with a length of 360m length consists of a two story underground car park and a storage siding for the subway underneath. The structures were built whilst at any given time three out of the five tracks of German Rail were in service. Thus German Rail tracks had to be deviated twice and island sites had to be managed.

The walls of the structure were built of single-leaf diaphragm walls (1,20m) and both vertical and inclined (O.D. 1,50m) intersecting bored piles. After excavation at the piles a facing concrete was applied. The restraint length of the walls in the ground necessitated diaphragm walls and bored piles with a length of up to 30m. Due to tight development around the site the top slabs could partly be concreted only in portions, because the road traffic had to be deviated several times. After dewatering of the trough structure, excavation was conducted in two stages. First it was excavated down to the second slab of the car park. After this slab was concreted, excavation down to the base plate was done. During that excavation in part horizontal temporary strutting was installed between the tunnel walls to support the structure for lateral earth pressure.

The tunnel structure stands rectangular to the ground water flow. In order to balance the water levels up and downstream five pairs of shafts were built from bored piles outside the structure and connected with pipes running through the slabs of the car park.




- Engineer, contract administration and quantity surveillance for structural and

  architectural works until subway line U3 went into service and all contract

  close-outs were performed, respectively.


Photo above:             Feeding of rebar cage for diaphragm wall

Photos below:           Inclined bored piles next to existing buildings 

                                   Boring piles on the island site between tracks of German Rail


Photo above:                 Reinforcing top slab of ticket hall on the island site

Photos below:               Intermediate slab portion of car park

                                       Inclined bored piles with bearing pockets for intermediate slabs                         



Photos below:            Core drilling through diaphragm wall for piping of ground water shaft

                                     Start second excavation stage for storage sidings 

                                     Excavation ticket hall with temporary propping




Photos below:                 Installation and jacking of auxiliary strutting

Photos above:                  Works underneath the strutting

                                           Ground freezing 




Photos below:                  Track works at German Rail

                                           Shuttering works at ramp for car park




Photos above:                Reinforcing top slab of ramp

                                         Ramp before opening


Photo below:                  Final works storage sidings

                                        Test runs of subway before service date


2005 - 2009: SECTION U6 NORTH 7, Garching, Germany



Construction of the station "Garching Forschungszentrum" with adjacent lines


- Engineer, commercial close-out of main construction works

- Check of the final invoice of the VOB-Contract

- Assessment of variations and claims

- Preparation of technical expert reports for an insurance coverage claim at court

  and an extension of time / disruption claim at court



2003 - 2007:

SECTION U1 WEST 8, Munich, Germany


Construction of the subterranean crossing station (Lines U1 and U3) "Olympia-Einkaufszentrum" with adjacent tunnels 

- Commercial Close-out out main construction works

- Check of the final invoice of the VOB-Contract

- Assessment of variations and claims

- Preparation of an extrajudicial agreement on a disruption claim

- Assessment of owner's entitlement to rectification works of contractor regarding 

  leakages at the single-leaf diaphragm walls